everybody needs space.

The boundaries of our world are continually shifting. whether these territories are economic, political, physical, or social, the contemporary contexts in which they are established are constantly being reorganized, and at an ever increasing pace.

SpaceInternational is an award winning design studio which is dedicated to producing innovative, perceptive design in a rapidly evolving and expanding culture. Since its inception in 1998, the goals of space international have been to heighten the experience of the natural and physical realm through the conception and realization of situated works of architecture, landscape and interior environments.

Our studio actively examines the physical landscape as a complex array of variables operating at local, urban and global scales. SpaceInternational engages these parameters through the research and collaboration of an array of designers and consultants tailored to the specific opportunities of each individual project.
Operating as a multi-disciplinary design laboratory, SpaceInternational is unique in its desire to integrate the discipline of architecture with the diverse influences of interior, urban, industrial, graphic and environmental design. Current and past projects include specialty retail boutiques, corporate and commercial office environments, restaurants, private and multi-family dwellings, exhibition design, urban design, custom furniture, and identity design.

SpaceInternational continues to be recognized in the global design community for its creative work and commitment to the promotion of architectural and cultural discourse through academia, lectures, exhibitions and publications.
space is everywhere.