make passionate architecture that displays the purity and quality of its construction, materials and detailing and reflects the lifestyle of its users.

Their leitmotif is the creation of peace in an ever-busier world; a house that respects its surroundings and creates space for living, working, playing and resting. Through attention and care their architecture reflects both the contemporary and the traditional.

In their work rooijakkers+tomesen constantly attempt to create subtle, uncomplicated forms that radiate purity and simplicity, without being overly ambitious or proud. The added attention to the refining of materials and detail give the architecture its depth and character.

Theo Rooijakkers and Paddy Tomesen studied at the Technical University in Delft, the Waseda University in Tokyo and the Royal Academy for the Visual Arts in The Hague, before forming their own office in Amsterdam. They have gained valuable work experience in renowned offices in the Netherlands and Japan. Together they have realised refined, sensitive and subtle buildings of a self assured and informal character. Their work has been featured in local and international publications, radio and television reports as well as being nominated for various architectural awards. Furthermore they are involved at the coal face of future developments in the world of architecture through their tutorial work at the TU in Delft and the Royal Academy for the Visual Arts in The Hague.

A good architect ensures their worth through:
- the considered combination of air, light and space.
- innovative and efficient integration of space and programme.
- involved discussions with the Local Authority concerning planning applications
- attention to detail from the first sketch to the last executed building work
-supervision of costs, quality and the progress of contractors and other third parties.