Sharing the beauty
Paola Lenti at the Società Umanitaria, a symbolic space for her creations, has chosen to share the founding principles of one of the most important institutions in Milan. Since its origins the Società Umanitaria has revolutionized the concept of welfare, as the daily newspaper Il Tempo wrote in 1908, introducing the Casa di Lavoro per Disoccupati – the labour house for the unemployed:

“A real transformation of charity into a form of welfare that does not abase, because the beneficiary may attain it by merit and dignity through his work”.

Since the 2011 edition, “responsibility” has been the leitmotif of the project of the Company Paola Lenti for the International Design Week at I Chiostri dell’Umanitaria; a responsible event for its purpose, its effects, its meaning had to go well beyond its conclusion. This is the way how the Company has considered, since the beginning, its long-term cooperation with Fondazione Umanitaria. Paola Lenti has brought her knowledge and sense of aesthetics into the multi-year restructuring of these marvelous Renaissance cloisters, making them not only the simple stage for her collections, but a place able to convey the sense of beauty and harmony of forms throughout the year.
The “responsible” project of Paola Lenti started in 2011 with the restoration of the cloisters and the green areas, the lighting by Davide Groppi, the wooden flooring by Menotti Specchia and the painting of the cloisters’ exterior walls by Oikos. It has then continued in 2012 with the new flooring of the Auditorium and, above all, with the acoustic and lighting revision which has been able to recover the harmony of the spaces and the sonorities.
In 2013, thanks to an intervention conceived together with Studio Bestetti Associati and to the cooperation of Piscine Laghetto, a company that joined the group of committed partners, the exterior areas, the Giardino dei Platani and the entrance façade in via Daverio have regained the original equilibrium and geometry, to offer the visitors a sense of amazement from a scenery that changes with each season.
The aesthetic research and the respect of the nature are at the core of Paola Lenti’s work. Beauty intended as a whole, able to merge the past and the future into the present, is viewed by the spectator. It is this very tension that Paola Lenti intends to transfer to the visitor of I Chiostri dell’Umanitaria through its “responsible event”; an emotion that fills the eyes and enters the heart by restoring, even for a single moment, the full sense of ourselves.

The company was founded in 1994 by Paola Lenti and is today an internationally renowned luxury furniture and flooring brand located in Italy's leading furniture district Meda, Milan. Paola Lenti collections are distributed through a qualified sales and customer service network and are available in the most prestigious showrooms in Italy and worldwide. In addition to the furniture and flooring in these collections, Paola Lenti offers the possibility to create tailor-made pieces for special residential or contract projects.

The interpretation of colours and shapes, refined design solutions and a distinctive timeless style; these are the core elements of Paola Lenti's corporate philosophy. At the forefront of Italian design, the company specializes in contemporary furniture and flooring and is renowned for its research and experimentation in the textile field. Natural and technological materials are transformed into precious, unique, resistant and durable yarns and textiles. Paola Lenti products represent the aesthetic and technical evolution of materials and ideas.