Douglas James


Douglas James, Director of Mindseye Lighting has over twenty years of experience in lighting design. Having studied art and photography in his earlier years, he has had a life long interest in light which he pushes to many creative and innovative levels.

Douglas started his career at Lighting Design Partnership, who were, at the time, the largest lighting consultants in Europe. He then moved on to Into Lighting Design where he remained for a number of years before setting up his own independent lighting design company; Mindseye Lighting, in 1997.

Mindseye was created to serve the needs of Architects and Interior Designers and their work covers a wide range of projects including White Cube Masons Yard, The Core building at The Eden Project, the refurbishment of the foyers of The Barbican Arts Centre, SJ Berwin Law offices in London and the recent installation of a circular LED display wall; 4metres high and 108metres in circumference at the top of one of Birmingham’s most iconic buildings.
Throughout their work Douglas and his team strive to achieve the highest level of integration possible, both in terms of concepts, as well as the physical integration of lighting within architecture. One of Mindseye’s main aims is to provide an innovative and project specific design service, delivering creative lighting solutions regardless of project size or budget.

The principal belief of Mindseye is that good lighting design should illuminate a space by enhancing, not dominating the architecture. By working closely with the design team throughout the development of a project, the lighting is allowed to evolve with the overall design of a building. The result is a lighting scheme which fully integrates with the architecture of a space.

The diversity of the project list is the best testimony of Mindseye’s ability to turn highly creative concepts into functional and sustainable lighting schemes and they have designed schemes in Europe, the U.S.A. and the Far East.