Markant is a leading European manufacturer of high-quality office furniture; the head office is in Utrecht, Netherlands. Our innovative range has been developed by a team of designers and engineers, to offer products that are high in design, function and quality for the global furniture market. The Markant factories in Malaysia and China produce high quality furniture. Thanks to these international operations customers can benefit from high quality products at competitive prices. Materials and products can be sourced from all over the world, and delivered efficiently to the distribution centres in Europe, USA and Australia. These factories reinforce our position on the world market; we can focus on our strengths to develop innovative office furniture solutions for a global market. Markant products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and our innovations are protected by patents. Products are easily adapted to the wishes of the customer and designer. For example, worktop shapes and colours, fabrics and special features can be adapted to create a unique workspace. Markant workstations can be provided in almost any conceivable configuration. Our skilled delivery and installation teams are also available to complete the Markant furniture solution for your business. 

All Markant office furniture is designed in accordance with the modular concept of the Markant System Architecture. The modular system with its interchangeable components can be set-up in any combination of working tables, conference tables and Bench configurations. The component assembly structure, permits parts can be reused or simply recycled.

Work stations are also required to contribute towards the prevention of physical complaints for staff. Good working posture is often difficult to maintain and requires constant vigilance. Markant for example is able to advise on how to reduce the static load upon neck, shoulders and wrists whilst working behind a monitor. If staff are able to utilise good office furniture and use it well, put simply, the brain is better supplied with oxygen, improving performance. Markant leads the field in these developments which improve employees’ performance and reduce absence due to sick leave.

A strong binding between design and function informs the starting point for the product development process. Form, technology and function are reduced to their core with Markant’s products created in this manner. Simple clarity is evident in working environments created by Markant, with its use of a limited colour range and the introduction of domestic elements. By minimal application of contrasting forms and primary colours, balance of space is achieved. Symmetry and openness play an important role; there are for example no dead-end aisles. This limits the amount of distracting stimulus for the staff, creating a comfortable environment, both physically and emotionally; a pleasant and desirable office space where staff can take pleasure in focusing on the work.