Flowing with life

When it comes to functionality, innovation and design expertise, only three letters that matter: KWC.
As a long-established Swiss company, we enhance your plans and designs for exclusive bathrooms and kitchens with our intelligent solutions. We can offer 140 years of experience in working with water, advanced technologies and over 350 highly qualified staff, all fully dedicated to fulfilling your requirements.
With our top-quality engineering, our firm commitment to basing our production in the Swiss town of Unterkulm and our famous flair for innovation, we share a vital responsibility with you: to use water – life's most important resource – in a sustainable way.
We also have another asset that we value highly: our motivated employees. They hold all our expertise, take personal responsibility and hand the values of our company down from generation to generation. That is why we make a targeted and systematic effort to support our staff, in terms of both cultivating their talent and ensuring that they have a safe working environment.

KWC – Swiss Water Experience

Innovation, precision and aesthetics: these are the features that characterize the intelligent solutions we offer to help you design exclusive bathrooms and kitchens.
KWC's innovation means that you can enjoy the highest level of convenience, easy maintenance and maximum investment security. That is why we develop our faucets in Switzerland and equip them with intuitive functions to ensure that they are at the cutting edge of advanced technology. After all, we share a long-term responsibility with you to use water, life's most important resource, in a respectful way.
Our precision is reflected in 140 years of experience, in the reliable high quality of our products and in our emphatic commitment to Switzerland as a production location. Our cooperation with you and with our employees is based on trust, and we are totally committed to fulfilling your requirements and transforming your ideas into reality.
In terms of aesthetics, we have broken many records. With an ergonomic design, our faucets bring the pure water from the Swiss Alps quite literally within your reach. It is no coincidence that our designs have received several international awards. So you can rely on the KWC brand for many years to come.

Sustainability made in Switzerland

We have been manufacturing our products in Switzerland since 1874 and have made a conscious decision to continue doing so. This means that we are taking responsibility not only for our region and our environment, but also for meeting our customers' high quality standards.

Our faucets have been produced at our head office in Unterkulm, in the canton of Aargau, for over a century. Die casting technology was introduced to production back in 1919 by the company's then managers. 1957 saw the addition of a hot pressing system and a light metal foundry. In 1963 the company brought in an automatic electroplating system with an ion exchanger to neutralize washing water. In 1978 the first low-pressure permanent mould casting system developed by KWC was installed in our production facility. During the 1980s, we exported systems to Germany and supplied low-pressure permanent mould casting systems to China for the first time in 1987.

Year after year, we invest considerable amounts in our production facilities in Unterkulm, thereby supporting Switzerland as a manufacturing hub. We maintain the high quality of our products by continuously upgrading our systems and regularly obtaining certifications for our company. We are certified according to the following standards: ISO 9001 for quality management systems, ISO 14001 for environmental management systems and OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety management systems.