Textile designer Isabel Bürgin runs a one-woman-enterprise in Basel, Switzerland. For her own collection she continually develops new products, which are all produced in small manufactories with a social background in Switzerland and which she distributes herself. Her intention is to create products, which combine the zeitgeist with the outstanding qualities of traditional materials such as wool or goat hair. Her emphasis lies on the design of textiles like carpets and woollen blankets. Her carpet collection currently comprises five standard qualities, which are available in individual sizes and up to 40 different colours. Each product is made in Switzerland, individually, by hand and with the highest standard of quality. This proximity to the production process allows for a high measure of individuality and an exclusive service for the client.
Isabel Bürgin also designs products and collections for the industry and collaborates with other designers such as Kuno Nüssli, aka kunotechnik, with whom she created the chaise-longue grazia in 2009. Since her studies as a colour consultant for architecture and environment at the IACC (International Association Colour Consultants) in Salzburg, Austria, she also develops colour concepts for textiles and architecture.