For passion, not Money
Auerberg is a product-lab operating outside the industrial norms. Auerberg offers products that according to popular market research and marketing logic have no chance. Nonetheless they have a right of existence as they, through function, form and/or material innovation, explore a new dimension. These are products that those interested in the surprising, alluring, qualitative, simply desire.

Auerberg assembles these products in minimal series, opens a channel to the market and ensures a mode of sales and distribution. As „serial prototypes“ they test the borders of the doable. Some fail while others prove to be small bestsellers. Auerberg as an experimental laboratory can handle these extremes, as it is not focused of commercial success.

Auerberg is a label of creators for creators (as authors) and customers (as users and aficionados of our products). It lives of the contributors’ radical subjectivity and their personal ties to their products. These stories are told in the Auerberg catalogue.

Decisive for Auerberg is the authenticity of every single product and the focus on the essential – and therefore on the best that design can create.