Alma Design is an example of design which has turned into passion, innovation and enterprise.
A reality, young and dynamic, which has built itself up within a short space of time to become a strong identity with high-profile, thanks to the ingenuity of the founder and AD Alessandra Marchina.
Alessandra brought along her precious know - how matured in over 40 years of experience at her father’s factory which produced components of metallic tubes for chairs; an experience matured by the desire of making her own line with a sensitve attention to design, a reality.
Started in 2007, Alma Design registered constant growth thanks to the addition to the firm of the daughters who brought with them their qualified personal working experience. Growth was immediately exponential thanks to the slender but flexible structure that soon allowed the firm to manage international orders. Moreover, Alma Design, present on the international market and investing in emerging markets, takes part in exhibitions and events while working closely with unversities and research institutes.

The core business of the firm is the contract and sector, without forgetting the very important domestic market.
Alma Design chairs and tables are designed under the sign of taste and harmony; design objects which exhibit a friendly form and are selected by international buyers for hotels, restaurants, cafes and fast food eating places where the furnishing design is an immediately recognizable and proportionate expression, able to characterize the environment at once.
Functionality, innovation and quality have always been the objectives of Alma Design for the realization of all their collections. Chairs, tables and complementing objects with rational and innovative design for absolute comfort while fully respecting the uniqueness of the design line, are the distinguishing mark of quality from Alma Design following the contract market.
Attention to customer enquiries with quick answers and deliveries are for Alma Design fundamental aspects. The supply department organizes logistic and productive activities with the aim of controlling presentations and absolute efficiency in answering and anticipating an ever changing market.
Sensitive to the green theme, Alma Design has chosen to use clean productive processes and recyclable materials; the sustainability in Alma Design is made of detailed attention that follows all parts of the production time and every department of the company.
Quality becomes a strategic factor for Alma Design’s success. Moreover, the company is certified ISO 9001:2000, the company organization is seen as a whole organic process with the aim of guaranteeing customer satisfaction and constant improvement within the same organization. Investment in Research & Development, are a constant dialog between designers and design engineers, material selection of high quality and absolute care in the accompanying Catas certifications follow each single article of the collection.

Passion, ethic, sharing, consistency, growth and enjoyment are the values in which Alma Design believes and works; values recognized by the firm and reached thanks to the care from the whole organization and company staff.