The furniture from +Halle is crafted from a simple, but strong idea of giving people time and space.
We call it: Creating Human Spaces
+Halle develops, designs and produces furniture for places where people have time and space for themselves and for others. Where we become absorbed, meet or work. In education, in the airport, at a museum, at work or out in the open.
We believe that people who feel good – either on their own or together – are more positive, more creative and more focused. If our furniture can help towards this, then we have achieved what we strive for.
Our furniture must invite people to use it. But also to be pondered at, to make people smile and to find warmth, peace and togetherness from the furniture's shape, function and texture.
We don’t just design for the sake of design. Function and aesthetics must always live up to our fundamental idea that a piece of furniture should create a human space that is flexible, warm and personal.
For just like the most exciting people, all our designs have their own personality, expressions and style.