The story of Martex entwines with the most important evolution cycles that have characterized the development of the furniture world; it has been curiously overlooking this scenario for 30 years, to seize the signs of innovation and change which represent the daily motivation for the continuous evolution of our products. Martex S.p.A., which has been acquired by Dott. Antonio Petrovich in 1979, specialized from the beginning in the production of directional office furniture, finding in the Middle Eastern market the main outlet of its sales.

The product type is “classic” directional office furniture; subsequently, it starts exporting also in Far East countries and, towards the beginning of the 1990s, also in Russia. In 2001 Ivan Petrovich becomes President and is given the task of leading the company and redefine strategies and objectives; he gives a vigorous pulse to change, beginning the designing and realization of a line of products with strong aesthetic content, aimed to the international markets and contextually starts collaborations with world renown architects.

The result of this work finds its ideal window during the “Eimu 2002” fair in Milan. From there, the construction of an Italian and European commercial network, continuing at the same time the profitable collaboration with long-standing customers who converted as well to a different type of product. In these years Martex Office has been standing out in the outlook of office furniture thanks to a strong and coherent identity, as a young, dynamic, proactive company, careful to social changes that necessarily have important repercussions on the ways of working and organizing the spaces dedicated to thinking inside the offices. Martex, in short time, was able to carve out an important niche in the international outlook of office furniture and a firm point for what regards design.

All our energies go into interpreting, in an up-to-date and certainly unconventional way, the spaces for the working man. The office world is a complex system that requires a multidisciplinary approach: ergonomics, information technology, relations psychology, optimization of spaces, are just some of the topics that we deal with on a daily basis with great teamwork. The idea that Martex Office is trying to develop is that of a company that makes the office place a living environment where not only furnishing solutions, but also projects of office usage comfort, can be proposed.