Fresh, young, colourful, adaptable, accessible, ironic, democratic, unconventional yet simple at the same time: this is Lineabeta.
The claim “everyday design” places the accent on the direction that the company decided to undertake some time ago, all the while staying in line with the last thirty years of the company's history: the idea of a bathroom that is flexible, comfortable and functional, where you can conduct everyday life simply and spontaneously.

Lineabeta has entered public and private spaces that differ in their style, taste and function, but are all connected to everyday life.
We took a peek into the privacy of different people, from the businessman who loves classic design, to the eccentric dj, the eclectic artist, the young couple with a baby, to the imaginative illustrator, discovering how each one lives the Lineabeta product in their own way, sometimes reinterpreting it, to ultimately come to the understanding that each person, in his/her own space, wants to feel good, to feel at home.

Everyday life for the last thirty years. Thirty years spent becoming one of the top brands in Italy for the production of bathroom accessories and furnishings. Thirty years of time, energy, experience, innovation, perseverance, creativity, vision, a connection with the territory, choices that are in keeping with changing times, an acute glocal entrepreneurial spirit: many and all necessary factors to last and grow.