CEO Henrik Lange founded Lange Production in 2006.
It started as a license agreement between Lange Production and Jørgen Kastholm regarding a re-launch of several Fabricius & Kastholm classics.
Lange Production is focused entirely on recreating the unique designs of Fabricius & Kastholm and Grete Jalk Furniture.

The production of the FK classics restarted at the original steel-processing manufacturer in Germany, also using the original tools as in the 1960s.

Lange Production had its second product launch in 2008 with additional Fabricius & Kastholm products. The third launch also appeared in 2008, this time regarding Grete Jalk’s timeless GJ Chair and nesting tables.

The key elements defining Lange Production are form, function and finish.
The principles behind the designs are a mixture of the carried and carrying elements. It is an understandable design where functionality is a prominent design feature and all joints, screws and support structures are highlighted instead of being hidden away. Lange Production pays close attention to detail in all areas to ensure highest possible finish. The high quality feel of Fabricius & Kastholm’s furniture surfaces in the detailing and the finish.

Retention of the form, function & finish in Grete Jalk’s world famous furniture from 1963 has been crucial to Lange Production. Due to the complexity of the GJ Chair only 300 copies were originally produced. Only a few remain in existence today. Lange Production has chosen to launch the furniture in their original wood species. All furniture is manufactured in Denmark by the leading manufacturer of moulded plywood products.