Luc Binst


Crepain Binst Architecture, which was founded 2006, is the result of a creative marriage between architect and urban development experts Jo Crepain and Luc Binst. A team of 50 architectural engineers, architects, interior architects and urban development experts work in this multidisciplinary company.
Today, after the death of Jo Crepain (2008), the founder of our company, we are faced with the extraordinary challenge of continuing his architectural legacy and ensuring that the collaboration that began three years ago at Crepain Binst Architecture, will be continued and built upon in a worthy manner with renewed ambition. Luc Binst has now taken over the company earlier than planned. This takeover was accompanied by several important management adjustments intended to strengthen the office internally and prepare it for its "second youth", as Jo so often put it. The new management structure is built upon a "managerial clover leaf" construction. In addition to Luc Binst as CEO, it consists of Architect Partner Dirk Engelen, Architect Jan Geerts, COO Jan Vrancken and Design Traffic Manager, Sigrid Hubloux.

We write “Architecture” and “Ambition” with a capital A: we strive and work constantly to achieve the very best possible results based on realistic, well-thought out foundations. A broad range of projects has helped us to become and operate as a top agency that can offer a wide range of possibilities and make its artistic presence felt.
Crepain Binst Architecture deals with architecture as a practical artistic medium to transform assignments into abstractly built creations of conceptual logic and simplicity. The useful signals are constantly distilled from every site, with its peripheral conditions and its own identity, as basis and the setting for every designing process. Considering the client’s requirements, limitations, demands and acceptable standards, we continue to look for solutions through communication and creativity. Conceptual purity, proportion, dynamics, expression, light, colour, space and scale form our core values. The designs are turned into actual realizations following research into the use of renewable materials, conceptually supporting detail and a refined application of texture, to reflect our own clearly recognizable identity. Apart from alterations or the construction of new homes, offices and public buildings, a “cross-pollination” by other creative media also forms part of the range of assignments.

All projects are monitored by Luc Binst, Dirk Engelen and Jan Geerts to safeguard the creative and building technical quality of all projects. A project manager ensures the continuity during the entire length of a project. Designs are always developed in workshop sessions. At least three basic concepts are proposed for each project. These are then examined under all angles, then filtered further to reach a final architectural view.

The company mainly owes its name and reputation to the fact that it has won several national and international architecture competitions, for both completed and current projects such as an energy-efficient office for the West Flemish Energy Company, the Artevelde College and many other projects. These competitions provide a focus for the firm’s professionalism, dynamism and ambition.

The firm handles various urban development projects both in Belgium and in the Netherlands, of which the most eye-catching ones are: De Balije, 850 houses in Leidsche Rijn; the redevelopment of the Boel dockyard site in Temse; land developments in Wondelgem and Kuringen, each involving 500 houses and flat and the urban development plan for the New South area in Antwerp: 1000 homes and 150.000m² of office space in the first urban expansion on the right bank since 1930.

The office boasts a very wide range of experience, ranging from homes to large residential complexes, school buildings, town halls, industrial buildings and offices, both new constructions and renovation. The most important actualisations are: the Artevelde College in Ghent, the awarded offices of the West Flemish Energy Company in Torhout (2020 Challenge), the renovation of Dexia Pachecolaan Brussels; the newly-built Renson office in Waregem that bagged an energy-award; the newly constructed Telindus office in Haasrode which was also voted best commercial building of 2003; the Town Hall in Lommel. Projects that are currently underway include: apartments at the Jordaens quay and Antwerp Island; the renovation of Belgacom’s Telex building in Brussels and many more.
In the Netherlands, the Wladivostok complex on Java-island in Amsterdam, the 175 luxury apartments along the Ijssel and the 55 apartments in Polstreet, both in Deventer, the castle of Haverleij in 's Hertogenbosch, the Carré with 145 homes in Etten-Leur, and the 100 apartments in Limos in Nijmegen, are amongst the most well-known projects. The development of some other complexes are in full swing, such as: IJburg Amsterdam, Gershwin Amsterdam, Lot 3A on the Oosterdok island in Amsterdam and Presikhaaf in Arnhem.

Interior and architecture together form a whole, one story and are consequently linked to each another as a single creative mother tongue and form an important discipline within the company. With our interior team of complementary employees, we are able to provide full support for all architectural assignments or develop detailed plans for an interior. In this, we base ourselves on an extremely extensive reference library of materials, techniques and refined details, completing the architectural package with a high degree of perfection. Innovation, expression and character form the basis and the ingredients of this team striving towards a platform of international flair and representation. In addition to our assignments, visits to important international interior exhibitions and the seeking out of new materials, we have, since last year, successfully focussed on various interior competitions. Both projects for “Grand Bazar” and the “MAS Founder Pavilion” in Antwerp underscore these ambitions and demonstrate our clear concepts and statements within the discipline of interiors. Comprehensive renovations with new interiors such as “The House of Marketing” in Mechelen (former tax office) are also part of our diverse range. The main events of Autumn 2009 were the completion of a “White Loft” in Aalst, a duplex apartment on LO and the creation of the well-known “Bodart shop” and “Sette-Seven”, the new restaurant/club concept in South Antwerp (Luikstraat 7).


2009 ‘Gent Kouter’, laureate competition for the design of shopping, offices and apartments on behalf of Wilma
2009 ‘MAS founder pavilion’ Antwerp Port Authority, laureate competition for the pavilion’s interior design including a multimedia design in Antwerp
2008 ‘Veenendaal’, laureate competition for the construction of 195 houses in Veenendaal
2008 ‘Denys’, laureate competition for the renovation and expansion of the office building in Wondelgem
2007 'Shop gallery Mol', laureate competition for the construction of a shop gallery and 72 apartments in the area of the former music school in Mol
2007 'Sint-Annaland', laureate competition for the construction of 70 luxury apartments in the port area of Tholen, Sint-Annaland.
2006 ‘Bijl-Hofplein’ laureate, closed competition for the construction of 45 apartments and shops (1600m²) , Grave(NL)
2006 ‘Bunge congrescentrum’ laureate, closed competition for the construction of a conference and communicationcentre for ALM group cv
2006 ‘Apartments het Eilandje’, laureate, mixed-use construction competition, commissioned by Brabo.
2005 ‘Heijlaar’, laureate, closed competition for an urban development vision of the development of a country estate in Breda comprising ± 80 houses and 24 lots, depending on allotment.
2005 ‘West Vlaamse Energie Maatschappij’, laureate, closed competition for the construction of offices, warehouses and layout of the surroundings.
2005 ‘Artevelde Hogeschool’, laureate, competition for the construction of a new 20,000 m² school building intended for 3500 students, Campus Kantienberg ,Ghent .
2005 ‘Campus Mortsel’, laureate, closed competition for the construction of a 5,500 m² primary school for 650 pupils in an existing park master plan.
2004 ‘Grave’, laureate, competition for the construction of 45 apartments and 1600 m² shops in the historical centre.
2004 ‘Mariengaarde Tilburg’, laureate, closed competition, reuse and conversion of a monumental old people’s home designed by the architect Kropholler into luxury senior citizen’s apartments with care facilities.
2004 ‘Hoorn’, laureate, closed competition for the construction of 120 apartments and ground floor dwellings on the former ‘De blokkers’ site
2003 ‘Geulle’, laureate, closed competition: layout of a market square and the construction of 41 senior citizen dwellings and shops
2003 ‘Katholieke Hogeschool Leuven’, laureate, closed competition for the construction of a new campus building for the Rega, Nursing and Midwifery departments on the Gasthuisberg Campus, intended for 1650 students.
2003 ‘Vogelsang’, laureate, closed competition for the construction of 108 housing units in Leerdam, of which 4 houses with studios, 6 terrace houses and 14 town houses
2003 ‘Goirle’, laureate, De Boschkens competition for the construction of approx 60 dwellings behind a 750 m-long noise barrier along the A58 in Goirle, Tilburg Rabo Real Estate, Concire Project Development and Lubbers Landscape Architecture firm
2002 ‘Cronenburgh’, laureate, closed competition for the construction of 31 dwellings in the Cronenburgh extension area, Loenen aan de Vecht, developed by West 8
2002 ‘Maybach’, laureate, limited competition for the equipment and furnishing of the Maybach ‘brand shop’ and Mercedes-Benz at de Zavel, Brussels
2002 ‘Johan de Meesterstraat’, laureate, limited contest, organized by Hevo Bouwmanagement, for the design of 95 houses in Utrecht
2000 ‘Uithoorn’, laureate, limited contest organized by Amstelland Ontwikkeling, for the design of 100 houses and apartments on a former industrial estate
1999 ‘Ringpark Tilburg’, laureate, limited urban development architecture competition for 250 houses,
apartments, offices and business accommodations in Groeseind Noord, Tilburg
1997 ‘Garage Van Steen’, laureate, limited competition, design for the extension of the Mercedes-Benz
showroom in Mechelen
1997 ‘UA’, laureate, limited competition for the construction of the faculties of political and social sciences in the historical centre of Antwerp, across from the Sint Jacobs church. Intended for 970 students
1997 ‘Villa Hoogerheide’, laureate, limited competition,: renovation and underground extension of the last white Berlage villa from ±1930, nearby the Zuidstation and next to the officially preserved Pomphuis building, on behalf of Johan Matser project development
1997 ‘Poincaré’, laureate, limited competition, renovation and extension of ± 10,000 m² office building space with a 90-car underground parking garage.
1997 ‘De Brandse hof’ Etten-leur, laureate, limited competition: 120 terraced houses in 4 different categories, around a large central inner garden and situated at the new ‘havenplein’ (harbour square)
1996 ‘100 bomen voor Boudewijn’ (100 trees for Baudouin), laureate, design contest commisioned by the Monument Koning Boudewijn non-profit institution, Antwerp
1994 ‘Belgacom’, 2nd prize, design of new Belgacomregional headquarters, Hasselt
1992 ‘Astrid Plaza’, 1st honourable mention, design of a Sheraton hotel at the Astridplein (Astrid square) in Antwerp
1990 ‘Sport in Hellas’, laureate, limited competition for the exhibition layout in the Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels
1989 ‘Kop van Zuid’, laureate, urban development limited competition, Rotterdam


2009 2020 Challenge Award - public Award, Office building Infrax West, Torhout
in collaboration with VK Engineering
2009 Green Good Design 2009, Offices Renson, Waregem
2008 ULI (Urban Land Institute) Award for Excellence Europe 2008 – ‘Stadsfeestzaal’ Antwerp
2007 Telex Belgacom Brussels - Office Renovation, Energy contest IBGE·BIM - Brussels Capital Region ‘Example building - category offices’
2006 Lensvelt de Architect Interior Award - 1ste - Detached loft dwelling Luc Binst, Humbeek
2006 The Marble Architectural Award, Europe (Luc Binst) - Detached loft dwelling Luc Binst, Humbeek