objective beauty exists
invisible presence
talks to our soul
essence in absence
absolute and immortal
work as a mission
I have always felt and loved this world
to project is what I can do
to built is what makes me alive
I’m an artisan
I am hands and thought
hands and thought
that meet each other
in substance of things
pure shapes for a new concept of space
space as a place that enhances soul
design and matter neutrality
lets the being express itself
the individual is the only real hero
a language deprived of disorder
surplus and excesses
value to vacuum and simplicity
using natural materials
to revert to pristine state of things
monochromatic and single material elements
build objects over trends
sought sensitivity to design unusual things
looking for harmony and timeless balance
a way of behaving living and being
the biggest obstacle. fear
the easiest thing. to mistake
the biggest mistake. to give up
the most dangerous person. the liar
the cause of all pain. selfishness
the worst lack. bad mood
the best distraction. work
the first need. to communicate
the biggest happiness. to be useful to the others
the most beautiful gift. forgiveness
the best route. the right way
the most pleasant feeling. inner peace
the best welcome. a smile
the best cure. optimism
the bigger satisfaction. to do one’s duty
the most powerful strength. faith
what moves your life. passion
the most important quality. humility
the biggest chance. to live
the real freedom of a man. to be
the most beautiful thing in the world. love