Arquitectos Anónimos is a Portuguese label founded in the end of 2005, based in Portugal; it organizes an opened space stimulating the work as a kind of an individual suplantation, liberating its co-authorships from their identity, finding and founding a reinforced new one – daily. AA becomes an antithesis to pseudonym or a fictional name as only way to shelt the expanded ourselves. It can be also, primarly, an over reaction against exagerated weight of authorship in the Portuguese contemporary architecture refusing the employement and direct commission as the only architectural field. AA is ultimately a place where architecture may envy other arts…


AA has many publications in the Portuguese press such as “arquitectura & construção”, “Dif magazine”, “mais arquitectura” “Ns magazine”, “House Traders magazine”, “arq/a magazine”, etc. AA was invited to the Portuguese tv chanel “RTPn” to the program “arquitectarte” and interviewed in the public Slovenian channel Radiotelevizija Slovenija (RTV Slovenija).


Between a few prizes AA was distinguished with 1st prize in the competition “Requalification Urban Park of Covelo – Porto/Portugal”; 1st prize in private competition to “Reconvertion Of Santa Maria de Aguiar Monastery in a Hotel -Figueira Castelo Rodrigo -Portugal”; 2nd prize in competition “Vila Utopia – house 13th” – prize young architects; 1st prize in the competition “Requalification of the Involving Area to the Old Market of the Gafanha da Nazaré and new Parish Council”. 1st prize in competition “Dedalo Re-Place Muro 3” organized by Porto Faculty of Architecture in 2010; 2nd prize in competition “Reconversion Ermesinde Market” Ermesinde / Portugal, 2010.


Also invited to be lecturer at 26th International Architectural Conference “Piran days of Architecture” and to be present in the architectural exhibition at “7th São Paulo International Biennial of Architecture” – with project “Trans-Lúcido”.
In co-authorship AA is distinguished with the new building “Cultural Centre of Ilhavo” finished in 2007. Reconvertion of Arraiolos Castle in Portugal, special mention of the jury, 2009. Furniture “delicts with handycrafts” in exhibition in Servartes Gallery – Porto, Portugal.