The great strength of a family adds a plus to professionalism which has harmoniously sharpened over time through generations ever since 1931, (grandfather Lino) and that now, with Elisa and Gianfranco Buiani, is living through a new stage, under banner of a unique mix of modernity and identity: that is what Accento stands for.

A productive reality which is intimately linked to its land, matching artisan skills, our Friulian people’s typical determination, and collaboration from both designers and highly qualified staff, thus able to extol design, competitiveness and promptness, distinctive of Italians and Friulians.

Accento have managed to renovate the traditional artisan and industrial work characteristic of the zone, by endowing it with renewed vitality, freshness, and a sophisticated taste for (or philosophical approach to) the classic/modern lines and shapes; and by offering collections purposely devised for the contract market, especially for the, hospitality and ship building sectors as a whole.

The firm preferred to focus on details and product ductility by availing themselves of lengthy, worldwide experience in the field of supplies, while keeping production local, and entirely within its original zone, namely the “Chair District”, renowned to all the sector’s business people for its competency in manufacturing chairs, acknowledged internationally for decades now. They have thus resisted the temptation of delocalizing their production, so that their own clientele are still guaranteed high standards and a superior quality level.

So the question is: why “Accento”, then? Because we are persuaded that our philosophy of wedding quality output with an area – the “Triangolo della sedia”, i.e., the “The Chair Triangle” – displaying manifest industrial & productive expertise, with all highly-experienced staff and collaborators – working and communicating tightly together as a net – is the only way to maintain a direct relationship with our potential customers, who truly are what is most dear to us.

Elisa e Gianfranco Buiani