Vinterio Nimbus by Vinterio

Vinterio Nimbus


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“Vinterio Nimbus” combines various wood species for unlimited design potential.
Surface patterns can be wild and expressive, classically elegant or exclusively unique. Customers can use “Vinterio Nimbus” to create individual and exclusive designs which are totally different from conventional wooden surfaces. We can guarantee exclusivity on customized “Vinterio Nimbus” designs.

Architectural and design applications, furniture, doors, cabinets, decorative panels, wrappings, moldings, flooring or marine applications, ...

Dimensions L x W
2050/2250/2600 x 650 mm
8 - 13 mm Component width

Each Vinterio production facility complies with extensive environmental and safety standards certified in accordance with the internationally recognized ISO standard 14001:2004. The plants are chain-of-custody certified in accordance with FSC, PEFC and SFI.
Thus Vinterio is able to manufacture certified products on customer request and raw material availablitlity.
Vinterio products contain no formaldehyde.

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