Supernatural by Fap Ceramiche

The Supernatural collection by Fap ceramiche has been expanded with some gorgeous new decorations to make bathrooms even more special!

Sophisticated charm for the exclusive Mosaico 3D to cover walls and turn them into the true protagonists of any room; elegant design for the Onda decoration where iridescent and luxurious lines run across the tile. An explosion of light bursts across walls covered in Lux.

A range of wall tiles recalling the natural appeal of marble, where each piece is as precious and unique as a work of art, thanks to the graceful natural veining of the material recreated in a harmonious equilibrium.
It’s an extremely comprehensive and detailed project: from white body tiles to porcelain stoneware, for wall coverings and flooring, perfectly adaptable to residential – bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms - and contract applications.
This is Supernatural... capturing the secret of marble thanks to its cutting edge industrial processing and reproducing it perfectly.

The white body wall tiles are available in two sizes, 30.5x91.5 cm and 30.5x56 cm; both are highly polished and have ground edges.
Supernatural is also the bearer of important news: porcelain stoneware floor tiles are not only ideal for bathroom floors, they are perfect throughout the home thanks to the glossy and Satin Polished finishes and the sizes: 60x60 - 59x59 and 75x75 - 74x74 cm.

Like a skilled tailor, Supernatural adapts perfectly to reflect the personality of any room. It’s an eclectic and flexible collection that can be used to create different surfaces, all with the same potential to stir your emotions: luxurious and elegant, natural and romantic or strict and masculine.

The term “marble” originally meant "shining stone", and so all 7 shades of Supernatural - Argento, Avorio, Crema, Cristallo, Dorato, Gemma and Visone - are indeed dazzling and majestic, with a brightness capable of shedding light onto the surroundings.

As always, Fap ceramiche has come up with numerous decorations and special pieces for this project.
For the wall coverings: Supernatural Style for an austere style; Supernatural Damasco for those looking for a more classical mood; Supernatural Epoque has neoclassical roots inspired by plaster ceiling roses; Supernatural Kilim Inserto can be put together in a pattern like a jigsaw; Supernatural Charme recalls quilted fabrics and creates elegant and luxurious surfaces; Supernatural Graffio Inserto has a metropolitan mood. There are also many mosaics: Supernatural Glacéé Mosaico, Supernatural Mosaico and Supernatural Frammenti Mosaico.
Flooring in porcelain stoneware: Supernatural Giglio glossy Inserto with its Baroque allure; Supernatural Losanga Listello, available in both the Glossy and Matt versions.

For perfect tiling results, Fap ceramiche has designed its TonosuTono line of coordinating grouts.

Like all Fap ceramiche products, the Supernatural collection offers unique design, superior quality, meticulous attention to detail and excellent performance in terms of durability and functionality. It is a way for the company to strengthen its partnership ties with architects and interior designers, constantly on the lookout for innovative and customized design solutions.

Supernatural: as delicate as a kiss!

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