STARLIGHT by Bencore

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Composite panel with inner patented macro-cellular translucent SAN or Polycarbonate core bonded with external layers in Acrylic, PETG , Polycarbonate offered in various finishes and standard colours. Thanks to its characteristics of lightweight, stiffness, translucency and unique aesthetical feature resulting from the geometrical pattern of its core, this structural panel has a wide variety of indoor applications. Easy to cut Starlight panel can be finished with standard accessories profiles and systems such as frames, handles, hinges. Starlight can also be edged with the same material used for the external layers.

The Starlight Extra with Polycarbonate core is superior in rigidity and well suited for high-load applications.

Starlight Plus is designed for indoor applications where fire resistance is required (Class 1/ Italy, B1/ Germany) or UV protection from light coming from artificial sources or through windows or skylights.

Starlight Floor is a special variation of the Starlight Plus designed for raised-floors. Easy and fast to lay Starlight Floor is offered in module of big dimensions and outstanding lightweight. Thanks to its translucency Starlight Floor panel can be back-lit even with coloured systems increasing the variety of possible indoor applications.

Product group: Wall coverings Polymers Laminates / Composites Composite/Laminated panels Honeycomb panels Plastic sheets/panels Wall panels Plastic - core plastic Translucent panels Translucent Plastic - core plastic Material: Plastic Polycarbonat panels Material: Polycarbonat Colour Blue Colour Blue Colour Blue Colour: Blue Colour Brown Colour Brown Colour Brown Colour: Brown Colour Yellow Colour Yellow Colour Yellow Colour: Yellow Colour Grey Colour Grey Colour Grey Colour: Grey Colour Green Colour Green Colour Green Colour: Green Colour Orange Colour Orange Colour Orange Colour: Orange Colour Red Colour Red Colour Red Colour: Red Colour Pink/Magenta Colour Pink/Magenta Colour Pink/Magenta Colour: Pink/Magenta Colour: Solid/Plain Solid/Plain Solid/Plain Solid/Plain Pattern Geometric Pattern Geometric Pattern: Geometric Pattern Dots/Circles Pattern Dots/Circles Pattern: Dots/Circles Translucent

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