Panel Mountain Larch by Admonter

Panel Mountain Larch


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Grading AB:
Mostly sound knots, small knotholes are filled, occasional pith ray, occasional resin pockets, no sapwood, slight compression wood andslight colour variations, jointless gluing, Colour: red-orange; Backing standard grading: closed surface, knotholes are professionally filled.

Grading B:
Occasional black knots, slight colour defects are possible, occasional resin pockets, small knotholes are filled with natural knot plugs, occasional shakes professional-ly filled, slight compression wood, continuous pith ray possible, sapwood occasionally acceptable, jointless gluing.

Grading Standard:
Closed surface, professionally filled.

Grading C:
No special quality specifications (knots and shakes are not filled).

SWP/3 (AW 100)

Length: 3900, 4000, 5000 mm; Panel-Width: 2030 mm
Top layer-Thickn.: 3,6 mm; Top layer-Width: 115 | 137 | 142 mm
Panel-Thickn.: 15 | 19 | 24 | 27 | 42 mm

There is a matching one for every floor
From classic hardwood and softwood species and exclusive rarities such as stone pine or cherry to trendy and naturally dark wood species—the assortment of the Admonter Natural Wood Panel already includes nearly all the wood species from which Admonter Wide Planks are produced.

Tremendously stable panels
It is the special 3-layer structure which gives our natural wood panel this dimensional stability and longevity that distinguishes it from ordinary panels.

Age increases its appeal
Thanks to their structure of solid wood STIA’s natural wood panels develop always more depth and character and grow more beautiful with every year.

General information
The European standards EN13353 are minimum qualtiy requirements for Admonter natural wood panels. CE-certification (starting from 1.3.2008) in accordance with European standard EN13986.

Technical class according to the bonding quality
SWP/1 non structural (NS):
Solid wood panels for non-structural use in dry conditions =Gluing IW67
SWP/3 non structural (NS):
Solid wood panels for non-structural use in external conditions =Gluing AW100

You will find the technical class of each panel in the price list. With the exception of Reclaimed Wood Spruce and Stone-pine all Admonter natural wood panels have a jointless gluing.

Formaldehyde classification
Admonter natural wood panels are in accordance with Formaldehydklasse E1

Harmlessness in terms of health and ecology
Admonter natural wood panels carry the IBR-quality certificate, issued by Germany’s independent Institute for Construction Biology in Rosenheim, which assesses a product´s harmlessness in terms of health and ecology.

Sustainable forest cultivation
The entire Admonter panel portfolio carries the PEFC certificate using wood from sustainable forest cultivation.

Surface quality
Admonter natural wood panels are sanded with grit K80.

Product group: Wall coverings Materials / Finishes Wood / Wood fibres Facing panels Wood panels / Wood fibre panels Wall panels Panels natural wood Panels 3-layer Panels veneered wood …in natural wood Material: Natural wood Wood panels larch

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