Naxos marble, polished* by selected by Materials Council

Naxos marble, polished*


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Naxos ‘Polished’

Product description
Naxos, from Greece, is a medium to coarse grained crystallised white calcite marble. Containing minimal mineral impurities, it has a consistent white appearance, however, a larger grain size and less brilliant mineral composition mean it is not as white as Thassos.
The high percentage of calcite (97%) is responsible for its bright whiteness.
Its semi-translucent nature enables it to be illuminated by back-lighting when used in small thicknesses.
It is highly durable and has an extremely long in-service life in both external and internal applications. It can also be refinished to a pristine condition.
Frost and weather resistant, it has a very low porosity and absorption rate.
A very hard, dense stone, it will accept a highly polished finish. It is also available in a range of other finishes.

Intended applications
• External envelope
• Internal cladding
• Internal flooring

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