MSD artificial stone panel by StoneslikeStones

Stones like stones provides you with the original MSD-quality panel virtually unlimited design possibilities for your home or commercial area. Whether a modern or Mediterranean atmosphere is to be realized, both are possible for specific planning and reconstruction phase in a short time with relatively little effort. The high-quality reconstruction of stone (support from the components fiberglass, resin and Stone powder) gives your rooms a unique Residential feel and offers in shops in each area the perfect eye-catcher.

Material: glass reinforced plastics (GRP), the surface is made of natural stone powder bound in high-quality resin, the surface can and may differ in terms of colour,
Material thickness: 3-6 mm

Product group: Wall coverings Laminates / Composites Composite/Laminated panels Wall panels Surface: Relief Colour Beige Colour: Beige Colour Brown Colour: Brown Colour Grey Colour: Grey Colour Orange Colour: Orange Colour Red Colour: Red Colour Black Colour: Black Colour White Colour: White Colour: Solid/Plain Solid/Plain Tone on Tone Colour: Tone on tone Multicoloured Colour: Multicoloured Pattern Squares/Checks Wood look Effect: Wood Stone look Effect: Stone Concrete look Effect: Concrete Relief

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