Arborism by Nosigner


Manufacturer Nosigner

Designer Nosigner
Launched in 2007
Architonic id 1046089

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size: 500mm x 500mm x h700mm
For Sale : 148,000Yen , 650 Pond , 1380 dollar?
(also searching for a bland who want to make this product as their products.)

Arborism is a table which has tree form arms.

The design of the unique arms has been configured by the fractal algorithm called "Tree Curve." So the design is as same as the branch structure of a real tree.

The interesting point of this design is that it was completed not by the arbitrary work of the designer but by the natural logic of nature itself.

By being adapted to urban life recently, we are now far away from the natural life.

In order to regain our longing natural life, I propose the rehabilitation method by living surrounded by the products of which design hold natural logic.

Designer: Nosigner

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