1.HM Rigidized® Metal by Rigidized Metals Comp

1.HM Rigidized® Metal

Manufacturer Rigidized Metals Comp

Architonic id 1088437

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Pattern: Rigidized® 1.HM
Metals: All
Finish(es): All
Max sheet width: 38"
Max sheet length: 144"
Min gauge: 0.018"
Max gauge stainless: 0.036"/20
Max gauge other metals: 0.040"

We begin the value-added process of "Texturing" or “Rigidizing” with ordinary sheet metals including Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass and Steel. The Rigidizing process strengthens sheet metal, which increases impact resistance. Rigidized® metals also control reflections, thereby hiding scratches and eliminating unwanted oil –canning.

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