Wall shelves

Wall shelves are a practical addition to any hallway as they do not take up any floor area, but instead offer a practical, easy-to-reach place for keys, letters, gloves, decorative displays and other small objects.

Because of this, there is a large variety of designs catering to divergent needs and individual aesthetic preferences. The wooden, lacquered ‘Wall Shelf 112B’ By Alvar Aalto, designed in 1936 and still manufactured today by Artek, or Kartell’s colorful ‘Selfish’, a transparent wall shelf fashioned out of high-quality plastic, are both small, sober, and formally understated designs.

Should more storage space and variety be necessary, Cubit’s ‘Cubit shelving system’, designed by Mymito GmbH, a series of brightly coloured, wall-mounted box compartments, can be combined into the desired constellation. Udo Schill-designed ‘wink’ for performa is a system of straight wall shelves of varying length, which operates on the same principle.

Some wall shelves may include hallway-specific features. For example, Peter Ghyczy’s ‘R 14 GQ clothing rack’, a glass wall shelf, is held up by brass elements with an aluminium rail attached undeneath, onto which coats may be hung. Pascual Salvador’s ‘Senter Console’ for Kendo Mobiliario combines a wooden wall shelf with a tall, rectangular mirror. The aptly named ‘Slide Circle’ by Deknudt Mirrors does the same, but uses a round mirror instead, which, in this case, partially penetrates the metal shelf.

The choices do not end there. Dorothee Becker’s 1969 ‘Uten.Silo’ for Vitra is a plastic, wall-mounted panel with different sized compartments and hooks. In 2013, Robert Bronwasser revisited this concept with his upholstered, felt-covered ‘Pillow’, manufactured by Cascando. Here, narrow shelves are attached to the back panel and provided with broad, parallel, elastic straps to hold stored objects in place.

Tonelli’s ‘Scala del cielo’, designed by Donato D’Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi, is a one-piece, glass wall shelf that imitates the shape of stairs. Diane Steverlynck’s ‘Leaning’ wall shelf, manufactured by OBJECTEN is a wedge-shaped, wall-mounted, textile compartment. And finally, Studio Joe Colombo’s ‘SPINNY’ is a system of wall shelves, in which drawer-like compartments swivel independently around a wall-anchored steel bar.

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