Wall lights

Garden wall lights are outdoors lighting solutions, often attached to the side of a building, a pergola or a garden shed. As such, they allow limited manoeuvrability, but instead offer a constant and reliable source of light. Furthermore, today’s manufacturers and designers have created wall lights that are sure to cater to everyone’s taste.

For a more traditional aesthetic, Sune Jehrbo’s ‘Barn Lamp’ wall light for Eleanor Home features a rounded, classically profiled lampshade with a curving armature. Lundbergdesign’s ‘Moon 300 Horizontal’ by Platek Light is an prismatic aluminium design with an integrated LED light source and is a more modern, minimalist take on the type. Sputnik Estudio’s ‘Santorini hardwired wall bracket’ is a wall light that resembles lanterns found on fishing boats and even mimics their decorative, fin-like diffusers.

Ethino’s ‘Ginger wall lamp’ is a unique design, an aluminium frame with teak slats that act as as diffusers, but also protect the source of light. Claudio Piccini’s and Francesco Ciulli’s ‘Bat’ wall light for Torremato is a tall corten steel lantern that projects light from its sides as well as its base.

Industrial aesthetic is also found in Knut Bendik Humelvik’s and Rude Krøjgaard’s ‘Industrial Lamp wall small’ by NORR11 and ‘Floodlight outdoor’ by UNEX. The former more traditionally shaped wall light, while the latter is more a contemporary design and can be used in conjunction with motion sensors as well. Conversely, Jens Fager’s ‘Pistill’ wall light for ZERO is a smooth, round, acrylic lamp mounted on a thin aluminium cylinder and makes a perfect complement to a modern and playful style.

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