In many places, summers tend to be short, and even then, a summer night is not necessarily a balmy one. However, terrace-heaters can be used to create a warmer immediate environment that allows garden parties to continue not only late into the night, but also enable them to be held in spring and autumn as well.

Terrace-heaters come in different shapes and sizes that will suit any given situation. In some cases, the terrace-heater can even be integrated within a piece of garden furniture. Take MM Design’s ‘Tabula’ for MYYOUR, a tall, teardrop-shaped bar table with a gas burner in its robust base that produces heat and dispenses it around the sitters.

Naturally, there are also more classical terrace-heaters, such as a those conceived by Outtrade Design for Sywawa. These include the ‘Symo Heater 2100 Ceiling’, which is suspended from above much like a chandelier, the ‘Symo Heater 2950 standing detour’ a radiant column of heat and the ‘Symo Heater 1500 Wall’, a wall-mounted terrace-heater. These products feature carbon fibre heating elements that create radiant heat, eliminating loss through convection, ensuring increased energy efficiency while providing the usual comfort.

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