Although swings are often associated with children’s playgrounds, more luxury options have proliferated and now furnish resorts and even private residences. From one-person swings that allow for fast motion, to larger, more comfortable models that can accommodate couples, groups, or even reclining figures, swings are the ultimate in carefree relaxation.

There is the archetypal ‘Mex’ swing by Adrien Rovero for Atelier Pfister, a simple metal wire seat with plastic thread surface, suspended from two ropes. ‘Swing with the plants’ by Marcel Wanders for Droog is another such example, though, in a typically playful fashion, the designer incorporates cavities in the plastic seat where vines be planted and grow to climb up the ropes. Metalco Home’s ‘Asso’, on the other hand, is not a swing, but an elegant yet sturdy corten-steel frame from which swings may be suspended.

A more plush version of a simple swing is Daniel Pouzet’s ‘Swingrest SwingUs’ for DEDON, where a luxurious loveseat is inserted into a woven, synthetic fibre shell and completed with a translucent canopy. ‘Swingrest Hanging Lounger’ by the same creative team is a large round daybed, suspended from a single point with four wires. Wolfgang Pichler’s ‘Home’ Swing for Viteo is a minimalist swing, complete with a tubular steel frame and a simple bench seat that accommodates multiple people.

More traditional, Alfredo Chiaramonte’s and Marco Martin’s ‘Lando’ for EMU Group looks to the past and combines a gently curved, steel frame with a comfortable garden sofa seat and a canvas canopy. Jesper K. Thomsen’s ‘Cave’ takes a similar approach, though here the seating shell and the overhead roof are made from woven synthetic threads. And while DEDON-manufactured ‘Nestrest Hanging lounger’, designed by Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety, is a swing more akin to a hanging bird’s nest, Acqua Creation’s ‘Satala’ swing defies expectations by lining a pod-like, organically shaped frame, with a comfortably upholstered mat. This unusual swing can be attached to a wall at the top and has a foot resting loosely on the ground.

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