Standing meeting tables

Standing meeting tables have become essential in larger conferences and meetings. Though they do not necessarily facilitate the main event, they do play an important supporting role, providing a place for short impromptu meetings, informal brainstorming sessions and socialising. Standing meeting tables can be used on their own, or in conjunction with counter or leaning stools.

One such versatile design is Fantoni’s ‘40/70’, a sober, angular wooden standing meeting table, one of whose supports extends above the desktop and integrates a presentation screen. ‘K2 Talk’, a standing meeting table designed by Friis & Moltke Design for JENSENplus, is an even more minimal affair, being simply a tall countertop that can also be used to furnish bars, restaurants or canteens.

Werner Aisslinger’s ‘Level 34’ for Vitra is a combination of a long, storage sideboard and a perpendicularly-mounted desktop, creating a space for short meetings or a small break area between two workstations. Till Grosch’s and Björn Meier’s ‘ophelis docks’ standing meeting table for ophelist uses a similar concept and provides a smaller storage cabinet, which is tucked neatly beneath the desktop.

In the case of Swedstyle’s ‘Single Mini - electric column frame’ and Benjamin Gugelberger’s and Ulf Braun’s formfarm-manufactured ‘spinoff Arbeidstich’, the standing meeting tables are regular, height-adjustable desks. The former is a smaller, square design with one central telescoping leg and a small, optional privacy screen, whereas the latter is a standard sized workstation.

Anya Sebton’s ‘Millibar Table’ for Lammhults is a small, round bar table, which can accommodate two people at the most, while Derek Hodgdon’s ‘Pagod’ meeting standing table for Kinnarps is slightly larger, and additionally contains small crevices in its surface, allowing for easier and safer cable management. Finally, speziell® and Modus Product design designed ‘over easy connecting element mt 323/3602’ for Sedus Stoll, whose organically shaped desktop clusters and merges several round standing meeting tables into one.

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