Spotlights share a name with powerful stage lighting that projects a bright beam of light onto stage. As the spotlights in this selection are generally intended for domestic, office, retail or leisure spaces, they are slightly less powerful, but can nonetheless be used to illuminate a focal point within a space, be it in private homes, exhibition areas or retail environments .

Many spotlights, such as EOOS-designed ‘DISCUS Evolution’ for Zumtobel Lighting consists of an adjustable, rotating lighting fixture, which can be used to adjust the direction of the light. In this case, the spotlight can either be attached onto a rail, or integrated within a false ceiling. The advantage of attaching spotlights onto rails is their increased flexibility. These products, such as David Chipperfield’s restrained, tubular ‘ARCOS 3’, or Philippe Starck's robust, polished aluminium ‘Fort Knox 1 Track QR-111’ for Flos are well suited to retail environments, museums, and art galleries. Featuring a much thinner rail, Prof. Wulf Schneider & Partner mounts 9 spotlights onto either side or a large, sliding console, creating a powerful spotlight indeed.

More stationary spotlights only allow the user to control the direction of the light, and are more suited to be used in series, either in homes or offices. Furthermore, recessed, stationary spotlights enable the creation of a smooth ceiling. Kreon’s ‘Down 40 directional’ is a wholly integrated spotlight with a silvery frame, rotating light fixture and integrated ventilation solution that stops the product from overheating. Conversely, Pablo Romagosa’s ‘Boogie Extension 75 LED Ceiling lamp grey’ for Luz Difusiónis a long, metal tube attached to the ceiling, with a an integrated spotlight at its end. Finally, [zed]’s and Hannes Wettstein’s ‘Optical’ for Paluco is a product that features two spotlights with large, cylindrical diffusers, that can be suspended from the ceiling, but can also be attached to a wall.

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