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For over 35 years the family business of Spiel & Schule have been outfitters of kindergarten’s, day care centre’s, play rooms, child minding centre’s and waiting rooms including doctors surgery’s and hospitals alike. Spiel & Schule are the Austrian market leaders in the building, supply and outfitting of the classic ‘child’s garden’ and as such can be trusted to know what children and their care providers need.
We have in these many years thrilled and excited 1000’s of clientele with the creativity, with the functionality, with what is simply the possibility. This is typical of what Spiel & Schule does. Often our children are still made to settle for the old ‘pink and blue and cotton wool’ environment.
We believe that children deserve good design too. Designing for children is not just a passion for us at Spiel & Schule but what we see as an important contribution to a modern changing society.
In 2007 we developed a new furniture series called ‘DESIGN4KIDS’. This innovative range is designed for children using a design language that embraces their reduced size, their simple, minimalist & innocent perceptions. This language encompasses modern design trends too, including naturally, functionality and ergonomics of the highest order.
‘DESIGN4KIDS’ is about quality in every element. Quality in the materials used. Quality of workmanship. Quality in design!
‘DESIGN4KIDS’ enough of the ‘pink and blue and cotton wool’…..


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