Sound systems

The selection of sound systems is small, but varied. Designers and manufacturers always follow the latest technological developments and create new ways and opportunities for audiophiles to enjoy one’s favourite music.

There are of course the classic loudspeakers, produced by the combined efforts of product designer Hannes Wettstein and leading Swiss manufacturer PIEGA, represented here by comprehensive, high-end collections ‘Coax’, ‘Premium’ and ‘TMicro’, the last of which offers compact loudspeakers without sacrificing any sound quality.

Cappellini’s ‘Cappellini/Tivoli Audio’ sound system consists of a radio and loudspeakers, combining a slightly retro look with a top-of-the-range sound reproduction. Other manufacturers follow current technological innovations and trends and integrate docking stations into their designs: Valentin Hartman’s ‘bordbar docking station’ is an aluminium airline trolley that allows the user to recharge their smartphone and play his or her favourite music, while Spectral’s ‘Musicbox SMB2’ combines a docking station, loudspeakers and a hallway storage cabinet into one.

But it is not just traditional music players that have diversified. Villeroy & Boch’s ‘+sound’ incorporates a sophisticated sound system into their illuminated mirrors, making them compatible with smartphones, MP3 players and bluetooth devices. Similarly, Hans Buschfeld’s and Heinrich Halbe’s ‘SOUND PICTURE’ is a large panel that can play music transmitted through Wi-Fi, and which can be ordered with a custom print on its surface.

And finally, Klaas Arnout’s sleek ‘Asano’ sound system, manufactured by basalte, is a wireless network of input modules, controls and amplifiers, which guarantee clear sound quality throughout the whole house without the need for additional cables.

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