Shoe cabinets / racks

Shoe cabinets, or in case they feature open shelves, shoe racks, are an essential part of any hallway. However, that is not to say that they form a monolithic category. Quite to the contrary, due to the diversity of household compositions and lifestyles, a variety of shoe cabinets and shoe racks are available on today’s market.

In many cases, a small wall shelf will provide sufficient storage space for one’s footwear. Anna von Schewen’s plywood ‘Buss 4563’ for Gärsnäs, Lars Buelow’s and Kersti Sandin’s metal ‘Dot shoerack’ for Materia are both suitable, short shelves. Larger capacity can be found in Hanspeter Weidmann’s ‘Netzcontainer’ for Lehni or Yuniic Design’s ‘MILA’ for mox, both of which stack shelves one above the other.

Shoe cabinets, on the other hand, often take form of a narrow sideboard or cupboard. Sanna Lindström’s ‘Sign Komb 2’ for Karl Andersson is a low, minimal, open shelf shoe rack, while Toshiyuki Kita’s ‘Garage’, a plastic shoe container for Magis, is made out of six individual units whose doors swivel down to accommodate four pairs of shoes. Carmen Stallbaumer’s understated ‘LINEA Chest’ for Schönbuch is a well proportioned shoe cabinet that can also function as a sideboard.

Another way to increase a shoe rack’s functionality is to integrate it into a bench. Udo Schill’s ‘Upholstered bench b3’ for performa is an upholstered ottoman, which features an openable seat, and would not look out of place in a living area either. Lukas Fischer’s ‘Schuhbank’ shoe rack for Chamäleon Design is a bench with drawers under the seat and an open shelf for shoes underneath. Patrik Hansson’s ‘Stow STG115, STD115.1’ shoe cabinet, manufactured by Karl Andersson, is in essence a low, upholstered sideboard.

And lastly, Thomas Walde’s ‘Shoes, Books and a Bike’ is a wooden, open shelving system which accommodates exactly what is says, and Droog’s ‘Strap’, designed by NL Architects, is a series of long, silicone rubber straps which stretch out along a wall. Not only shoes, but other kinds of small household objects, such as magazines, books, and toys can all be inserted under the straps and held in position, until they are needed.

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