Shade sails

Some home-owners, hoteliers and restaurateurs might prefer shade sails instead of a more traditional parasol, for example for personal aesthetic reasons. Traditional shade sails are large pieces of fabric that are suspended between several supports. Classic examples are Pieter Willemyns’s ‘Inguena | Square’ and ‘Inguena | Rectangle’ for UMBROSA, underneath which garden tables and chairs may be arranged.

Taking a different approach, Paola Lenti’s ‘Shaderplug’ shade sails comprise modular panels with steel skeleton and polyester fabric, whose hexagonal and square elements may be arranged into a multitude of self-supporting, shading configurations. Lastly, Adriano Balutto’s ‘St. Tropez 9576 sofa | 9577’ for Roberti Rattan is a large, rounded sofa woven from synthetic fibre over an aluminium structure, with a shade sail canopy, creating a complete and comfortable outdoor seating solution.

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