Restaurant tables and benches

Depending on the amount of people that need to be seated, or simply on the proprietor’s aesthetic preference, restaurant table and benches can be a fitting seating solution. The products presented in this selection were specifically designed as a part of a single, matching product line, presenting a visual unity when furnishing a space.

Tisettanta’s ‘Carpenter’ is rough, robust restaurant table with benches, both made from solid teak. Johan Lindau’s ‘Ping-Pong’ for Blå Station is just as solid, though more minimal, and both the table and the bench contain a central steel footrest bar.

Friis & Moltke Design’s ‘K2 Eating’ restaurant table and benches for JENSENplus feature slanting steel legs and a laminate top which can be specified in various colours. Ilmari Tapiovaara’s ‘Pirkka table with two benches’ for Artek contains a table, whose surface consists of two narrow, long boards, and two benches whose seats have the same width as one of the table segments. Each piece in the ensemble stands on elegant, rounded, wooden legs.

Pinar Yar’s and Tugrul Gövsa’s ‘Step Metal Table’ with a metal base and a glass tabletop; and injected polyurethane, composite-shell ‘Step Bench’, form a part of the same product range, and can be used both indoors and outdoors, are produced by GAEAforms. Wim Segers’s and Ronald Matelle’s ‘carré’ restaurant table and benches for CASSECROUTE have a metal base that connects the table with the benches, and a weather-resistant, iroko wood tabletop and seats, making this design is ideal for furnishing all manners of exterior spaces.

Finally, Lars Contzen’s ‘Millionaire’s bench’ for Rosconi, a luxury version of the ubiquitous folding picnic furniture, has a folding metal base and a glossy tabletop decorated with abstract, floral patterns, forming the perfect restaurant table and benches for temporary, outdoor eating areas.

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