Reception desks

Reception desks are supremely important to any organisation, be it a private company or a public institution. Often being the first point of contact, they immediately leave a strong impression on the visitor. However, reception desks should also be practical and provide a suitable workstation for the receptionist.

Consider the sober, minimal, cubic ‘Quaranta5’ reception desk by Fantoni against the more organic, curving forms of ‘IGN. Reception’, in which strips of wood accentuate its horizontal form. ‘100% Steve’, designed by Vladimír Ambroz for AMOS DESIGN, is a white, slanting, sculptural wedge with built-in computer tablets. Another noteworthy reception desk by AMOS DESIGN and Vladimír Ambroz is ‘Ball reception’, where a futuristic, spherical pod envelops the receptionists’ workstations, creating a freestanding room-within-a-room

Another freestanding design is Archighenga’s round ‘Bengentile’ reception desk for ULTOM ITALIA, which can be ordered with different coloured fronts to best fit the interior space it stands in. MDD’s ‘Zig-Zag’ reception desk, on the other hand, has a linear geometry, but its front is finished in coloured glass, which fills the gaps in the criss-cross supporting structure.

Carmen and Urs Greutmann Bolzern’s ‘Denz_D3 Foyer and reception areas’ by Denz is an understated, orthogonal programme, consisting of a reception desk with a built-in magazine display and freestanding, complementary storage cabinets. Rafa Ortega’s ‘CUbox Cod. 10602’ is a modular, highly adaptable reception desk, which can also be used as a counter in museum shops, and invites the user to create a design based on his or her particular requirements.

And lastly, Fritz Haller’s and Paul Schrärer’s 1966 ‘USM Modular furniture Haller’ collection by USM, which features cupboards, sideboards, desks, display cabinets, shelves and drawers, proves its versatility once again by furnishing a reception area within its modular, exposed steel frame accommodating the necessary infill elements.

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