Depending on personal preference, rails can serve as a substitute to coat stands, wardrobes or hooks in the hallway. Unlike coat stands and hooks, however, rails require additional coat hangers. This means the clothes do not wrinkle and are able to be aired more effectively.

Bette Eklund’s ‘Lume coat rack small’ and ‘Lume coat rack big’ are formally reduced, but playfully sculptural, freestanding clothes rails. They are complemented by the equally sober ‘Lume coat hangers’, meaning that the garments take the centre stage in this ensemble.

Alfredo Häberli’s ‘Teca’ rail for quodes is relatively short, but its construction does branch out to give support to a small drawer on the side, where keys, mail, gloves and small decorative objects may find their place.

To increase convenience, some manufacturers attach wheels to the base of their rails. Hansen’s ‘Easy Coatrack’, with its sloped, bent steel legs and wheels, is a larger rail, suited for public, as well as private use. Similarly, mox’s ‘POM CART’, a slightly smaller coat rail, adopts a more industrial aesthetic, and also adds wheels in order to enhance its practicality.

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