Play equipment

Gardens are not only places to relax and feel closer to nature, but also offer opportunities for children to play outside safely. Play equipment and furniture therefore constitutes an integral part of almost every garden.

Some play equipment, such as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada’s ‘Agatha’ range for Vondom, comprises large, whimsical furniture pieces, such as a polyethylene table with a flower-shaped top or seats in the shape of hearts and combines these with vibrant colours. Adrien Rovero’s ‘Mex’ by Atelier Pfister is a suspended swing in which a high-quality thread is wrapped around a frame, creating a comfortable seat.

In the case of Mikkel Hjort’s and GHB Landschaftsarchitekten’s ‘Fit Cone’ for Outsider, the play equipment consists of white and red polyethylene cones that can be used by children and their supervisors to mark out their playing field, and is ideal not only for individuals, but also for playgrounds and school yards.

Less abstract play equipment is Eero Aarnio’s ‘Rosinante’, a range of differently-sized rocking horses, named after the Don Quixote’s world-famous equine, manufactured in Spain by Vondom. Finally, Olgoj Chorchoj’s uses TON’s traditional ash bentwood is an elegant, and aptly-named ‘Sled’, which is sure to put smiles on children’s faces when the snow begins to fall.

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