Oil lamps

Oil lamps utilise one of the most primeval light sources known to humans: fire. Simply put, oil lamps use a reservoir of oil as a fuel source, and although they are not commonly used for everyday domestic purposes or in the workplace, the faint, flickering flames still conjure up an intimate, convivial atmosphere, and are perfect for an atmospheric evening in the garden.

Safety is, naturally, of utmost importance, so some oil lamps, such as Christian Bjørn’s ‘Lighthouse Oil Lamp 220’ for Menu, feature a tall, porcelain body that contains a stainless steel oil burner inserted at the top. Norm.Architects-designed ‘Spike Torch’, also manufactured by Menu, is an elegant, elongated torch made from non-combustible black aluminium that can be inserted into the ground. This oil lamp also uses a stainless steel container and burner integrated within its body.

Another oil lamp produced by the same collaborators is ‘Fire bucket’ a playful, portable design, whose large reservoir can store up to 8 hours worth of fuel. Furthermore, the oil lamp itself does not overhear due to the fuel container being separate from the cover.

Lastly, NORR11’s ‘Breeze oil lamp’ has a metal wick-holder incorporated into a handcrafted, mango hardwood stand, creating a safe oil lamp with rustic, Asian charm.

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