Multipurpose tables

A contemporary office needs to respond to changing functional requirements, sometimes in a very short span of time. Multipurpose tables, chairs and other furnishings offer an effective space-saving strategy. For example, multipurpose tables can be used in break-out areas and office pantries, meeting rooms and even as workstations.

Mauro Lipparini’s ‘Katana’ multifunctional table for Accademia, for example, is a round, three legged multifunctional table that is also suitable for outdoor use. Fritz Močnik’s ‘HOLZER table’ is simply a large, elegant wooden table; while Oskar Zieta’s ‘Koziol’ is a minimalist, sturdy, steel base for which the tabletop has to be purchased separately, allowing a degree of adaptation and customisation. All these designs are suited not only to offices and restaurants, but can be used at home as well.

However, some multipurpose tables are more specifically designed for flexible office use. For example, Verner Panton’s ‘Panton Move Plywood’ by Verpan, features an impossibly thin tabletop, and lockable castors mounted on its four metal legs. Bas Pruiser’s ‘Ahrend 22’ is a castor-mounted, multipurpose table with a flipping top to allow for easy storage and transport. Sedus Stoll-manufactured ‘brainstorm’, designed by speziell®, is a collection of multipurpose tables, some with castors, with optional modesty panels. This product line is suitable as individual desks, but also as seminar or conference tables.

König+Neurath’s ‘SUMMA’ features an aluminium base, with a wooden tabletop of choice, and can also be folded in half for storage and transport. Similarly, Lucci e Orlandini’s sober and straightforward ‘Fold Up / Fold-Up Slim’ multipurpose table for Segis has a folding steel base, allowing efficient storage, and easy assembly and disassembly. Hans Thyge & Co.’s ‘FORUM folding table’ for Brodrene Andersen features wooden legs and a veneer-laminate or linoleum tabletop, and steel connections and folding elements, and offers a more familiar, luxurious folding solution.

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