Not every office or public institution needs lockers, but some, such as laboratories, schools, museums, and gyms, require a safe storage space for the employees’ and visitors’ clothes, bags and other personal items. The options in this category might not be so plentiful, but the featured manufacturers are, as always, committed to producing to the highest standards.

For example. Rafa Ortega’s ‘CUbox Cod. 08090’ for do+ce is a modular system of large wooden lockers, whereas ‘CUbox Cod. 10600’ is made up of smaller lockers, which would not be out of place in a visitors’ wardrobe in a museum.

Dieffebi’s ‘Duploplus’ is a system of tall, metal lockers, which provide plenty of storage space for clothes, shoes and other personal items. In case less storage space per person is needed, ‘Multiplus’, which stacks two smaller lockers on top of each other, can be ordered. Takiro Yuta-designed ‘Primo Lockers’ are somewhat shorter again, but slightly boarded, and contain a letter slot within their door, making them especially suited for open plan offices.

‘Aquarius S’ range of metal lockers by van Esch also provides plenty of different variations, from tall lockers, to small compartments and broad, locking drawers, and even a small bench integrated in the plinth. Their ‘Aquarius H’ range is slightly more minimally detailed and made from engineered wood, but offers a similarly wide choice of configurations.

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