Lanterns are an ancient light source, known in many variations all across the world. At its core, a lantern is a portable case within which a light source, be it a candle, an oil light or an electric light is held.

Lanterns come in all shapes and sizes. Some, like Martin dos Santos’s ‘Möja’ for Skargaarden, a clear, glass cylinder that can hold a candle, are minimalist affairs. ‘Vadstena’ lantern made by the same creative team is a hand-crafted, cubic glass container with a subtle tree motif etched into its surface. NORR11 combines a minimalist, rectangular glass case with a rustic wooden base in its ‘Boheme lantern’, mounts three glass cylinders side-by-side in a rectangular wooden frame in the aptly named ‘Triple lantern’, and uses banana leaves to create the oval ‘Spike lantern’, whose surface is covered in tiny fins that cast a playful web of shadows when the light inside is on.

Stephen Burks-designed ‘Dala Lantern’ is an oval design too, but it is woven from high-quality synthetic fibre made from recycled plastic. Lastly, Sandra Figuerola’s ‘Touareg’ lantern manufactured by Gandía Blasco, returns to the basic cubic shape, but is made of lacquered aluminium sheet perforated with a strong graphic pattern inspired by Mediterranean and Arabic cultures.

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