Garden edging

Garden edgings can be both hard and soft, and should reflect the overall concept of the green space. In some cases, the owners of a garden might decide for lush, wild vegetation and opting for a more rustic look.

In this instance, garden edging by TRADEWINDS should be applied. The Belgian manufacturer produces a variety of rustic, cast iron edging elements in their ‘Bordurette’ collection. These products acquire a beautiful, rusty patina over time and merge with the earthly colours and greenery of any country garden.

For more contemporary, abstract garden designs, garden edging manufactured by German manufacturer Metten can be used. Their products are made from synthetic, as well as natural stone and allow for a large array of choices, from smooth ‘BelMuro grau-anthrazit, gemasert’ to ‘Arctic Granit Mauersteine, gestockt’ to the diagonally textured ‘BelMuro luciano diagonalstruktur’. However, as the roughly-cut ‘Grauwacke Mauersteine’ shows, this producer’s garden edging can be also used for more designs.

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