Freestanding floor lamps

Freestanding floor lamps often grace living rooms, studies in private residences or executive offices, but they can just as well be used outdoors, provided that the designs themselves are suited to slightly more demanding conditions. Naturally, many of the freestanding floor lamps here can just as easily be used inside and can be moved into a storage if the weather demands it.

Some freestanding floor lamps, like Design2Chill’s ‘Luum’, reinterpret the traditional bedside lamp in shape, but increase its size. Unopiù’s ‘Oslo Lantern’ on the other hand, is a tall lantern with an aluminium frame, that does not need any additional light source as it contains integrated LED lamps in its base.

Large gardens and extensive grounds will surely benefit from the elegant ‘Slopia Sky’, designed for RZB - Leichten by Helmut S. Engel, a set of sleek aluminium armatures mounted on a tall pole, more reminiscent of street lights that of traditional freestanding floor lamps. Ludovica and Roberto Palomba’s ‘Dafne lamp’ by De Castelli is a prism whose lower half appears solid, while its top is made of decorative, patterned mesh from within which the light radiates. ‘Ginko’, designed for De Castelli by Marco Zito, subverts the freestanding floor lamps typology by integrating a spotlight into the ground and letting a leaf-like metallic reflector above it create unique outdoor atmospheres.

And while Paolo Grasselli’s ‘Koala’ for MODO luce is a simple abstract composition, a freestanding steel rod onto which various lamps can be attached, Panzeri’s internally illuminated, polyethylene ‘Hermione’ is a smooth abstract sculpture whose shape recalls organic forms. Just as sculptural, but less abstract, is Arnaud Anseeuw’s ‘Tour Eiffel’ for Qui est Paul? This internally illuminated, polyethylene freestanding floor lamp will delight anyone who wants to own a spectacular version of the famous Parisian landmark.

Finally, Claudio Piccini’s and Francesco Ciulli’s ‘Resort’, a freestanding floor lamp manufactured by Torremato, combines a sophisticated angular form with rough texture of corten steel.

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