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Decorative planters and flowerpots are ubiquitous furnishings found in almost all outdoor spaces: gardens, patios, roof terraces or balconies. Not only does a well chose flowerpot or planter create a centrepiece of define a boundary, they also bring a touch of green to paved or covered areas.

Planters are larger than flowerpots and can even be used to grow small amounts of seasonal vegetables. For instance, the sturdy, workmanlike ‘Ortoalto’, designed by Chiari and Gigi Tanzi for Verde Profilo, is a modular wooden planter with stainless steel fittings and includes two folding trays at either side, meaning it can double as a outdoor table. Wieshäuptl’s ‘Planter 60 x 60’ is an altogether more understated affair, with a solid teak body and slender, stainless steel legs, and can be used for decorative plants as well as herbs and vegetables. Ethimo’s ‘Oasi planter’ is of similar size, but it constructed out of alternating wooden slats. The robust ‘Cult’ planter by TRADEWINDS is once again a small, but bountiful, elevated kitchen garden.

Flowerpots tend to be smaller products, and in the case of Sottsass Associati’s ‘Faituttotu’ for Serralunga, they reach the size of a large, curved vase assembled from colourful, rounded, plastic modules. Designed by Jörg Brachmann, Urbanature’s ‘Hochgarten’ is an eye-catching centrepiece, a bundle of slender poles topped by ceramic flowerpots, suitable for smaller plants. This planter can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Spanish manufacturer Vondom produces many outstanding polyethylene flowerpots and planters, such as the endearing ‘Peacock’, a small abstract statuette by Eero Arnio, in which the plants inevitably substitute the bird’s showy tail.

Stephen Burks’s ‘Dala Planter’ for Dedon is a colourful, woven planter that combines an aluminium frame with high quality synthetic fiber. Michael Koenig’s ‘Air’ range for FLORA combines differently-shaped, aluminium planters with a tall lattices, effectively creating a series of modular trellises. Jean-Marie Massaud’s ‘Heaven | 497’ for EMU Group combines an internal, slender flowerpot made from plastic with a delicate, steel wire netting structure, whereas Qui est Paul?’s ‘All so Quiet lumineux’ is a sculptural, internally-illuminated polyethylene planter.

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