Fences have always been used by people to mark out territory and protect their property. Although some people still seek security and privacy within high, solid walls, most fences are symbolic in nature, and are even used to create subdivisions inside a single lot. The fences in this selection are meant for private, residential gardens, and can thus create a greater sense of openness and spatial continuity, while still providing a welcome amount of privacy and enclosure.

Unopiù’s ‘Caprice’ fence, for instance, is a tall, metal, haphazardly perforated panel, compatible with iron and aluminium frames and can be used within pergolas, trellises and screening panels. ‘Riviera’, produced by the same manufacturer, is a more traditional, elegant design made with slender, wrought iron rods. This fence is ideal for marking out a swimming pool or serving as a balustrade for balconies and terraces.

Carl Stahl’s ‘X-TEND Colours’ is a series of, colourful cable steel meshes that represent an altogether more modern approach to creating a fence. Inspired by tradition, ‘Japan folding screen’, designed by Jose M. Ferrero for Point, is a portable, lacquered, stainless steel screen featuring decorative perforations which serves as a mobile fence and instantly creates areas of privacy. Lastly, Peter J. Lassen’s ‘GRID garden’ is a three-dimensional, modular grid system. Made out of nylon and reinforced with fibreglass, this flexible furnishing can be assembled into a fence, a trellis or a balustrade, provided appropriate infill panels are used.

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