Drinks cabinets

Drinks cabinets range from small and inconspicuous to large and elaborate pieces of equipment. For instance, ‘Mint’, designed by Sebastian Herkner for böwer, is a small, understated cylinder with a removable metal lid, where a bottle and a few glasses can be hidden. Similarly, Ebbe Gehl’s and Soren Nissen’s ‘AK 1365 Bar cabinet’ is a round, wooden side table, whose doors slide to reveal two shelves where drinks and glasses can be safely stored.

Verner Panton’s ‘Barboy’, manufactured by Verpan, is a round cylinder on wheels, whose sections can be swung out independently. Thus, it can serve both as a small trolley, a drinks cabinet and a side table.

Philippe Mainzer’s ‘SB10 ARAQ’ for e15, is a wall-mounted, stark, wooden sideboard, which has been designed to complement the other sideboards in the series, such as‘SB08 MAHNAZ’ and ‘SB07 SHAHNAZ’. The cheerful ‘Trunk’, by Gesa Hansen, the coolly elegant ‘Isidoro’, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poltrona Frau, and Kenneth Cobonpue’s round ‘Lolah’ with rattan doors, are larger, standalone drinks cabinets and provide plenty of space to store various bottles, containers, glasses and accessories .

André Schelbach’s ‘Magic Cube Bar’ for Yomei, is a large, sleek drinks cabinet which offers enough space for a small refrigerator, to ensure that drinks are always chilled whenever they are needed. Studioarka’s ‘Qbist Bar’ for Opinion Ciatti is an ingenious open and openable shelving system, with its own ice-tray, while Roderick Vos’s ‘Downton’ for Linteloo is a tall, irregular open shelving system, that can serve be a display shelf, drinks cabinet, and so much more.

And if that is not enough, perhaps a glowing bar, such as ‘Ice Bar’, ‘Break Bar’ or ‘Snack Bar’ is required. All three of these drinks cabinets are manufactured by Slide, and are internally illuminated to provide an attractive centrepiece for entertainment.

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