Double beds

A double bed, specifically designed for two occupants, is an essential part of a master bedroom, and although mattresses are chiefly responsible for our quality of sleep, choosing the right bed can nonetheless greatly contribute to our sense of well-being. After all, waking up after a good night’s sleep in a pleasant environment is probably the best way to start a day.

There are many options to choose from and it only depends on individual’s taste which one he or she will find the most fitting. Those who favour traditional designs might be tempted by ‘Chantal’ or ‘Mademoiselle’ double bed by Bolzan Letti, both of which feature a traditional, upholstered headboard and the possibility to include storage space for under the mattress.

A more stripped-down version of a traditional bed is Wolfgang Joop’s ‘Brooklyn’ for Neue Wiener Werkstätte, which also features two swivelling side-trays. Manufacturer Schramm refines, the box-spring system in order to provide an even higher level of comfort in the plush ‘Grand Cru’ double bed. On the other hand, Kerstin Olby’s ‘Moj’ is a showcase of typical Scandinavian modesty, simplicity and appreciation of natural materials.

For a visually light presence, look to Emaf Progetti’s ‘Legami | 1882’ for Zanotta, Paolo Piva’s ‘Onda’ for poliform or Mauro Lipparini’s ‘Joe’ for Bonaldo. All of these double beds feature a headrest, the first one in a form of a large, plump pillow, while the latter two unite the headrest and the bed frame into a single, fluid gesture.

However, double beds can become even more minimal. For example, Adrian & Beat Schnidrig’s ‘plio bed’ for nut+grat is an ingenious construction seamlessly combining two pieces of bent plywood. Andreas Janson’s ‘Yin Yang’ double bed consists of two sets of interlocking rectangular slats that can slide into one another allowing the user to adjust the bed’s width.
And lastly, Valérie Jomini and Stanislas Zimmerman’s ‘itbed folding bed’ for it design is inspired by Japanese living: the sturdy cardboard, accordion-like construction, which supports a mattress, can be simply folded and stowed away when not in use.

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