Display cabinets

Today, many storage systems are designed to bare their contents as a quiet appraisal of the everyday, but display cabinets, a range of products designed specifically for this purpose, can still prove useful. Not only do they command greater attention than a series of open shelves, they also protect their precious contents from children, pets and dust.

And there is a wide variety to choose from. The classical, restrained ‘Frida’ display cabinet by Neue Wiener Werkstätte finds a formal contrast in the more opulent ‘Palace | display case’ by Boca de lobo, which hoists up its contents on thin, curved legs. JSPR’s ‘Steel Cabinet 7’ welds a cluster of differently-shaped display cabinets into a volumetric composition in order to create new relationship between the displayed objects. The last two designs can also be used as freestanding objects in space, while the first one is placed against a wall.

‘Display Me Box’ and ‘Curiosity Box’ by Hay are both delightfully informal and understated wall mounted cabinets out of clear acrylic. ‘Linea’, manufactured by Dreieck, is a more formal, wholly glass display cabinet, which takes the form of a sideboard. Philippe Starck’s ‘Gelly’ for Liv’it, similarly an all-glass affair, is available in pastel-coloured, transparent glass, and its slender, arched aluminium legs give it a more playful air.

For more deliberate display cabinets, look to Sudbrock’s ‘Cubo’ and Gruber + Schlager’s ‘Logo’, both of which provide internal illumination and create an almost museum-like atmosphere. Piero Lissoni’s ‘Heigh-Ho’ is a series of glass, wall-mounted display cases, whose wall-side consists either of a mirror or an illuminated LED system, intended to enhance the presentation of the precious objects contained within.

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